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COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, I want you to be aware of my commitment to the health and safety of my patients and my staff. I have built my practice on the value of providing a small, intimate environment with a clean ‘boutique’ dental experience for your children. I am THRILLED to announce that OUR ENTIRE STAFF IS FULLY VACCINATED.

We are only seeing 2 families at a time in the practice.These families will have no interaction. When you arrive at the office and call us from your car to check in, we will direct you to the front entrance or the back entrance of the practice. We will utilize both entrances and our back treatment areas eliminating interaction between families.

My commitment from the inception of my practice to individualized patient care lends itself to an environment that reduces unnecessary exposure and risks. My small, well trained staff is ready to adapt to our latest policies. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces!

Prior to COVID 19 , our office took sanitation quite seriously. Many of you have noted our spotless office in the past. These are steps we utilized in the past and will continue to do in the future.

We have always wiped down all surfaces (countertops, lights, chairs, etc) with hospital grade disinfectant after every single patient.

We have always practiced Standard Precautions with regard to mask usage, hand washing, etc.

We have never had any items left on the countertop. We feel empty countertops lead to better infection control. Sleak, clean, minimal.

We sterilize all non disposables in our autoclave. Every single bag of instruments we run has an indicator that the cycle was completed at adequate heat. In addition, we send spore testing to outside laboratories every single week.

We utilize disposables when available as an alternative.

We do not open bags of sterile instruments until the patient is seated.

We sanitize our waiting room toys, etc. several times a day with hospital grade disinfectant. At this time our waiting room will not be utilized.

Bathrooms are sanitized daily.


All patients will be screened over the phone prior to their appointment (expect a phone call 24 hours before your visit) and AGAIN upon arrival to see if anyone in the household has had a fever, cough, COVID-19 related symptoms, or have been in contact with a confirmed case. If so, those patients will be reappointed.

We are limiting the number of patients that we are scheduling and staggering appointments to respect social distancing. Please understand we may need to move your appointment day and time to accommodate these scheduling changes. We have a backlog of patients and limited openings, so please be conscientious and cancel 48 hours in advance if you do not intend to keep your appointment.

Please arrive on time . Will will not be able to accommodate late arrivals due to the complexity of scheduling staggered appointments.

Only one parent/guardian will be allowed to accompany their child/children for their appointment. Anyone else will be asked to wait outside the office. Siblings without appointments will not be allowed at this time.

We have eliminated the waiting room , and all parents will be required to call and “check-in” from their car upon arrival and wait in their car until a room is available. We will call by phone to check out and schedule your next appointment.

Paperwork must be completed at home prior to visit. We will help with your login and password retrieval when we call to confirm your visit. Your appointment will be cancelled if your paperwork is not completed ahead of time.

All parents must arrive at the office wearing a mask or face covering. If you do not have a mask, your appointment will be cancelled.

The temperature of every patient and parent will be taken and recorded as soon as they come into the office. If your child is comfortable coming into the office without you, you are welcome to stay in the car.

Patients and parents will be required to stop at our hand sanitizing station when arriving at the office.

Patient bathrooms will be sterilized after each use . Please consider using the restroom at home before bringing your child to the office.

Door knobs will be wiped after each family leaves the office . Doors will be propped open when possible. We are utilizing our back door for patient arrival and departure as well.

As a team, we are also taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us.

We have added a second private treatment room that will be utilized for patient care.


Our Entire staff is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Staff screening: All staff will have their temperature taken daily when they arrive at the office.The same questionnaire we ask you to fill out will be filled out every day by our staff. We will take temps of all staff members at the beginning of each day and again at lunchtime.

Extra PPE (personal protective equipment): All team members will wear a face mask at all times. Clinical team members will wear additional PPE, including KN95 mask, face shield, and disposable gowns during aerosol producing procedures.

Staff will wear street clothing into the office but change into scrubs when they arrive . Scrubs are laundered at the office and never leave our facility.

Sneeze guards have been set up at check in and check out-however, utilization of these areas will be extremely limited as we plan on doing check in, check out, and appointment scheduling virtually .

Rest assured, our staff has been busy training to adjust to new protocols. Our staff has received an additional day of additional onsite training

We are excited to see you!

Aimee Cassinelli and Team

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